Another bug inspired outfit! This one was based on the Lothlorien Cloak of the Elder, which to me always looked like it had insect wings on it. That, coupled with the Mordor heavy armor pauldrons (which look like dragonfly wings to me) and I knew I had to make an outfit.

The rest of the armor is actually all Mordor crafted armor, with an emphasis on shimmery stuff.

Shoulders: Bolstered Pauldrons of the Doomfold (white)
Back: Lothlorien Hooded Cloak of the Elder (navy)
Chest: Heavy Hauberk of the Doomfold (navy)
Hands: Strong Gauntlets of the Doomfold (Ered luin blue)
Feet: Lithe Boots of the Pathfinder’s Artifice (navy)
Head: Halter of Rivendell (ered luin blue)
Body: Caparison of Rivendell (ered luin blue)
Saddle: Saddle of Lebennin
Gear: Lantern of the Unearthed Kingdom

Queen of the Moon Moth

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out an outfit to go with the Moth cloak for SOOOO long. This summer it finally occurred to me that Galadriel’s gown from the Midsummer Festival looks an awful lot like a luna moth if you dye it bullroarer’s green.

It’s kind of amazing how much the color of the cloak changes depending on the lighting/reflection.

It took me a while to figure out what shoulders I wanted to use, then the obvious choice clicked into place. See, the Shoulders of the Lady’s Power (Champion Lothlorien raid armor) are LITERALLY shaped like butterfly wings. And moth’s look a lot like butterflies. So…yeah…Considering the dress makes it impossible to wear shoes or gloves, I only had to figure out a head piece, and the outfit was done!

It actually took a bit of work to figure out how to dye the warsteed outfit. I ended up using the burgundy dye to get the same sort of dark pink hue that the cloak has.

This also felt like an outfit where it was important to get photos in the day AND at night. Cause moths are often nocturnal, and the luna moth is particularly associated with the moon.

Head: Helm of the Lady's Power (Bullroarer's green)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady's Power (Bullroarer's green)
Back: Cloak of the Moth
Body: Galadriel's Dress (Bullroarer's green)
Staff: Loremaster's Staff of the Third Age (Level 59)
Head: Head-piece of the Moon Moth (Burgundy)
Body: Caparison of the Moon Moth (Burgundy)

Dragonfly 2

This started as an alternate version of the original dragonfly outfit I made, when I was still trying to figure out all the pieces. Eventually though I revisited the concept, and this outfit has been sitting in one of my RK’s outfit panels for the past couple years. I’ve loved it so much.

I like both versions of the outfit tbh, and they both revolve around the same cloak and similar shoulder pieces. This outfit favors a slightly lighter aesthetic as well as more prominent gold accents…um…I just like it.

I also really liked how this outfit paired with the default summer night’s warsteed appearance, which imo always had a very dragonfly-like look to it.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word (navy)
Shoulders: Boulstered Pauldrons of the Doomfold (default)
Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly (navy)
Chest: Expeditionary's Heavy Hauberk (Belegaer Blue)
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Gallant Commander (black)
Boots: Potent Battle Boots of the Mark (Evendim Blue)
Head: Yule Gala Head-Piece (default)
Body: Caparison of Summer's Night (default)
Saddle: Saddle of Lebennin


So this is an outfit I initially set out to create back in July, and for some reason I could just never get it right.

Then, I logged back in after taking a couple months off. It took a little bit longer before I actually logged my RK and remembered all the iterations of this outfit that I had created. It was also then that almost immediately the outfit finally assembled itself.

A lot actually went into this outfit in terms of thought. I chose the boots and the gauntlets because they’re pieces of armor related to dragons (Draigoch), which I thought was appropriate given the theme here.

I also decided on the shoulders because (at least in my mind) they resemble dragon fly wings, with the double layer and longer, oval form.

The chest and legs I picked for multiple reasons. First of all, I really love how they’re covered in scales, adding to the dragon motif. They also have dark green, white, and gold accents, all of which are also included on the cloak. Plus, if you dye the dragonfly cloak black, it will match even better. And, thirdly, I thought that when dyed a lighter color the piece provided some nice contrast.

So, yeah! I’m proud to finally be presenting this outfit to you. It took a while to get here, but I think I like the final product.

Head: Rune-Maker's Hat (black)
Shoulders: Bolstered Pauldrons of the Pathfinder's Artifice (black)
Chest: Westemnet Combat Assault Armour of Precision (Belegaer blue)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Gallant Commander (black)
Legs: Westemnet Combat Leggings of Precision (Belegaer blue)
Feet: Boots of the Gallant Commander (black)
Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly (black)
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (sea blue)
Caparison: Caparison of Summer's Night (sea blue)
Saddle: Saddle of Rivendell
Mane/tail/body: solid black