Gold of Lorien

This is the last outfit for a while using this headpiece! I promise! Anyways, I actually had a really hard time building an outfit around this chest-piece, the tunic of the leaf-turner. It’s a gorgeous piece, but it does have a bit of an awkward shape, which in my opinion made it hard to turn into either a practical looking outfit or a more ceremonial looking one. I went for the more “elf-ranger” look.

I ended up really pleased with how this outfit turned out. I like the muted rust color paired with the more vibrant gold – it evokes a sense of wealth and luxury that I associate with elves, while also having a sort of…serious vibe? If that makes any sense.

Lothlorien is also a relatively hard place to take pictures in. There’s just…so much shade.

This outfit had some challenges, one of which surprisingly was finding the best model, which I ended up deciding was a female elf. NOT a female high elf – that outfit just looked a little too bulky for what I was after (likely due to the fact that high elves have a more open stance, a sort of “stronger” looking stance).

So yeah. This outfit…was a piece of work. But I like it 🙂

Head: Time-Worn Headpiece (orange – rust would work as well)
Shoulders: Tactical Shoulder Pads fo the Golden Wood (rust)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Sage (rust)
Chest: Tunic of the Leaf-Turner (default)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Power (rust)
Feet: Boots of the Lady’s Power (rust)
Head: Mask of the Autumn Sage’s Bearance (default)
Body: Caparison of the Autumn Sage’s Bearance
Saddle: Saddle of the Autumn Sage’s Bearance

Queen of the Moon Moth

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out an outfit to go with the Moth cloak for SOOOO long. This summer it finally occurred to me that Galadriel’s gown from the Midsummer Festival looks an awful lot like a luna moth if you dye it bullroarer’s green.

It’s kind of amazing how much the color of the cloak changes depending on the lighting/reflection.

It took me a while to figure out what shoulders I wanted to use, then the obvious choice clicked into place. See, the Shoulders of the Lady’s Power (Champion Lothlorien raid armor) are LITERALLY shaped like butterfly wings. And moth’s look a lot like butterflies. So…yeah…Considering the dress makes it impossible to wear shoes or gloves, I only had to figure out a head piece, and the outfit was done!

It actually took a bit of work to figure out how to dye the warsteed outfit. I ended up using the burgundy dye to get the same sort of dark pink hue that the cloak has.

This also felt like an outfit where it was important to get photos in the day AND at night. Cause moths are often nocturnal, and the luna moth is particularly associated with the moon.

Head: Helm of the Lady's Power (Bullroarer's green)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady's Power (Bullroarer's green)
Back: Cloak of the Moth
Body: Galadriel's Dress (Bullroarer's green)
Staff: Loremaster's Staff of the Third Age (Level 59)
Head: Head-piece of the Moon Moth (Burgundy)
Body: Caparison of the Moon Moth (Burgundy)

Scout from Rivendell

This is another outfit I’ve had for awhile, just never got around to taking photos of. I was hoping to take pictures in daylight, but it turns out twilight and evening suited the outfit well.

I’ve really enjoyed my high elf huntress. She’s been so fun to play and make outfits for, and I’ve really embraced the nature vibes when it comes to her style 🙂

This outfit was really centered around the shoulders and the cloak. It’s a pretty fun outfit in my opinion – although it probably works best for the autumn. I’ll probably wear it come harvestfest and fall festival.

Back: Cloak of the Gloaming Autumn (Rivendell Green)
Shoulders: Mantle of the Gloaming Autumn (default/washed)
Chest: Jacket of the Wall-Warden (default)
Legs: Leggings of the Wall-Warden (default)
Feet: Boots of the Wall-Warden (default)
Hands: Bow-Master's Gloves (rivendell green)
Bow: Exquisite Black Ash Bow
War Steed:
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (Forest Green)
Body: Citadel Caparison (Forest Green)
Saddle: Citadel Saddle
Gear: Hunter's Gear

Master of Dragons

I’m still here! Officially survived my fist year of college and my first (and hopefully last) summer of Covid! Anyways, I really hope that the few figments of my imagination that actually read this blog are staying safe and healthy.

Anyways, it’s been suuuper hot this summer so I decided to go all out and make a “fiery” outfit (Get it? Get it??). I actually designed this outfit for the new RK I rolled who traits red line for fire. And yes, I know that they always say use yellow line (lightning) for leveling RKs and red line (fire) for endgame, but I like the idea of having two magic users each excelling in a specific element.

My new RK – She’s super fun. I love her.

Anywho, my new rune-keeper is only level 34, so there was no way she was gonna survive the trek to Mordor to take some photos.

You’d think for having such a cool name the Lone-lands would have cooler monsters to fight…
Still pretty I guess…

Therefore, my LM was chosen to be today’s model.

Admittedly I edited the brightness on the Mordor photos a bit – just cause Mordor is soooo dark to take pictures in, even if it does have drakes and flames.

I don’t normally use helmets either, but I decided this outfit warranted one to complete the dragon like appearance.

This was also a great opportunity to pull out the unflagging dragon war-steed appearance.

- Head: Helm of the Dead City (red)
- Shoulders: Shoulder's of the Lady's Wisdom (sunset orange)
-Back: Wyrmscale Wizard's Cloak (black) ---- there is also a ceremonial version available in Lalia's Market
- Chest: Breastplate of the Slayer's Raimant (sunset orange)
- Hands: Strong Gauntlets of Thorin's Strength (black)
- Feet: Wildermore Boots of Combat (black)
War Steed:
- Head: Head-Piece of the Unflagging Dragon (red)
- Body: Caparison of the Unflagging Dragon (red)
- Tail: Tail of the Unflagging Dragon
- Saddle: Saddle of the Unflagging Dragon
Who’s the mother of Dragons now Dany?

Defender of the Mallorns

Okay so this was a fun outfit, and it was one of those that existed as a vague idea until I found the perfect piece and everything fell together.

The piece in question that ended up making the outfit was the chest piece. I was in the middle of the planning stages of this outfit when, while running Moria instances for deeds, I got this shirt as a drop, already the perfect dye.

I already had the legs and the shoulders, but with the chest piece everything just came together.

I have to say having an elf huntress has been super fun, especially for outfitting purposes. A lot of the outfits that I could never really make sense of before fit her perfectly. And since my head-cannon for my high elf is that she chose to serve Galadriel after reawakening in the Third Age, I was very excited to put her in Lothlorien.

Shooting in Lothlorien ended up being rather difficult, though, because it turns out I made my outfit a little too well. And by this I mean it’s kind of the perfect camouflage amidst the gold and silver Mallorn trees. Which is admittedly what I was going for, but it’s not super helpful if you’re trying to highlight the outfits in your photos.

I love this outfit though, and there’s a perfect matching warsteed outfit:

Unfortunately I don’t have the warsteed armor on my huntress, which is why its my RK and her steed modeling here instead.

Ah, well. I persevere.

Head: Hooded Mask of the Golden Forest Defender (gold)
Shoulders: Lore-Keeper's Shoulders (gold)
Chest: Zaghal-Zudur (ranger green)
Hands: Gloves of the Forest Bounder (white)
Legs: Rune-Maker's Trousers (white)
Feet: Lore-Keeper's Shoes (gold)
Bow: Exquisite Black Ash Bow
Sword: Defender of Gwingris
Head: Head-Piece of Elder Autumn (default)
Caparison: Caparison of Elder Autumn (default)
Mane/Tail: Steel Grey
Body: Tobiano Charcoal

Sunshine and Daisies

So it’s been raining all day today. Literally all day. I’ve been out and about since 8:30 am and it has yet to stop raining.

Anyways, so I’m sitting here on my computer lamenting how much I miss the sin when I stumble upon these old screenshots I took of my RK but never posted. Which is a bit odd considering this is pretty much her staple outfit. So I figured now was an appropriate time to pull out the dusty box of memories and post some old pics 🙂

The thing I really love about this outfit is how well the horse matches the rider – I specifically picked a coat pattern that would match the colors on my RK’s jacket, and it’s just such a fun, happy look.

In other words, it’s just what I needed today 🙂

Also I just want to mention how much I love the details on this jacket.

Chest: Tunic and Trousers of New Bloom (white)
Hands: Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets (white)
Feet: Lesser Boots of the Dunlammad (sienna)
Caparison: Caparison of Thorin's Hall (yellow)
Mane/Tail: Steel Grey
Coat: Charcoal Tobiano

Return to the Golden Wood

So it wasn’t too long ago that I posted my outfit for the Lothlorien Sentinel. At the time something still seemed a bit off, and with my recent endeavors with the Nadhin sets, I feel like I’m finally able to polish it to a shine!

So I know it’s kind of soon to “revisit” this outfit, but this is my blog so I make the rules. Besides, it’s not like anybody actually reads this blog anyways 🙂

I will keep this post shorter though, just cause I don’t have as much to say and the outfit isn’t exactly new.

Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders (default)
Chest: Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate (white)
Hands: Heavy Nadhin Gauntlets (default)
Legs: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings (white)
Feet: Lesser Cry of the West Boots (white)
Back: Cloak of the Swan (Lorien Gold)