Quick update! (and future plans)

So I was messing with the layout of my blog today and realized that the pictures of some of my old outfits are…uh…not great. To be fair, I did the best I could at the time with what I had. See, I played LOTRO on a really old/crappy PC for a while, including up to the time that I started this blog. I mean, the early pictures were honestly as good as I ever got the game to look. Right at the start of 2020, however, I got a NEW laptop for college. And man, the first time I booted up LOTRO, I didn’t know the game had so much detail. I mean, yeah, the graphics are still dated cause it’s a game from 2007, but suddenly things were so much sharper! And my computer could render objects further away and in greater detail! It was AMAZING! It also meant I was able to take better screenshots. Anyways, finals are coming up in a couple weeks, but then I get a month off of school for winter term. I think during this time I might go update some of my old posts with newer screenshots of the same outfits. It’s not necessary, I know, but I actually really like a lot of my old outfits, and I want them to be preserved for posterity in an equally nice manner!

I think I also want to start making posts for complete armor sets in game (for example a complete post on the medium Nadhin set, or Lothlorien light set) as well as warsteed outfits. I personally find myself forgetting what sets are what all the time, and this blog is first and foremost a way for me to keep track of LOTRO cosmetics, so I think I might start doing that as well. It can’t cover everything, because I’m simply not good at raiding or stuff and I don’t have a kin, so some items I really just can’t get. But I might be able to post previews of armor sets using a changing room plug in? We’ll see!

Bunny lover out.

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