Heart of Stone

So I finally got my LM to Erebor!!! It’s really not that big of an achievement considering I basically leveled her from 110 to 113 through festivals and skipped over Mordor (I went through that region once fully on my Champion and vowed never to do it again). But what that does mean, is that I have GREAT landscape opportunities.

Now the outfit modeled here is actually Champion gear (Isengard t2 barter), But it’s a VERY nice look for any player. This set is probably one of the most common ones I’ve seen worn in game – or at least a variation of some Isengard heavy armor.

It’s one big draw back (as with any of the Isengard t2 armors) is that you can’t dye it – it can only be worn in its default colors. Honestly though, this isn’t too big an issue for me as it’s design is quite pleasing and the red, black and white coloration works really well.

This is another outfit that is a little outside my LM’s normal warehouse – I tend to put her in robes and this is more of a tunic-looking outfit – but ultimately I decided the colors were very much her aesthetic and that the outfit looked the best on her out of all my characters.

Also, I mean, is Erebor beautiful or what??

I’m just realizing now how much I overused the /look emote in these pictures…but honestly, if I was my LM right now, I’d be looking around too. Those skies, I mean, seriously.

This also seemed like a great opportunity to showcase one of my favorite cosmetic pets – the white fox. It can be bartered from the Featured Challenge Quarter Master for 20 newfound tokens. It’s basically the reason I started doing Featured Challenges in the first place.

It’s just too cute!!!!

Always nice to have a traveling companion at night 🙂
Shoulders: Ceremonial Pauldrons of the Mark (black)
Chest: Breastplate of the Ruithador (Isengard champ t2 barter)
Legs: Leggings of the Ruithador (Isengard champ t2 barter)
Hands: Heavy Plated Dunlending Gauntlets (black)
Feet: Lesser Mark of the West Shoes (black - Harndirion barter)

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