Protector of the Marsh

So this is actually a pretty old outfit of mine, just touched up a little. I’ll admit right off the top it’s not my favorite, but there is something about it that I really like, especially when paired with an elf – and a rune keeper at that.

The chest and legs are actually the T9 medium crafted armor which I bought off of the Auction House a while ago. When I first rolled my RK this was her go to outfit – although I always struggled to find the right shoulder, hand, and feet pieces to go with it.

Recently, however, I finally stopped by the Ox Clan Merchant Camp for the first time in a while, and I acquired the RK/LM T1 shoulders seen above. With that, the rest of the outfit just kind of fell into place.

I honestly could have gone with any color for the chest and leg piece, but white and grey are kind of my go to color scheme for my RK, and since she used to wear this outfit in white all the time, I decided to honor that decision.


I ended up really liking the final creation, and I have no doubt that it will become a regular in my RK’s wardrobe rotation 🙂

Also I realize none of my screen shots got the boots in them, so here they are:

Shoulders: The Beast-Keeper's Shoulder Pads (default)
Chest: Westemnet Combat Assault Armour (white)
Legs: Westemnet Combat Leggings (white)
Hands: Heavy Plated Dunlending Gauntlets (black)
Feet: Gardening Boots (black)

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