Dragonfly 2

This started as an alternate version of the original dragonfly outfit I made, when I was still trying to figure out all the pieces. Eventually though I revisited the concept, and this outfit has been sitting in one of my RK’s outfit panels for the past couple years. I’ve loved it so much.

I like both versions of the outfit tbh, and they both revolve around the same cloak and similar shoulder pieces. This outfit favors a slightly lighter aesthetic as well as more prominent gold accents…um…I just like it.

I also really liked how this outfit paired with the default summer night’s warsteed appearance, which imo always had a very dragonfly-like look to it.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word (navy)
Shoulders: Boulstered Pauldrons of the Doomfold (default)
Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly (navy)
Chest: Expeditionary's Heavy Hauberk (Belegaer Blue)
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Gallant Commander (black)
Boots: Potent Battle Boots of the Mark (Evendim Blue)
Head: Yule Gala Head-Piece (default)
Body: Caparison of Summer's Night (default)
Saddle: Saddle of Lebennin

Travelling Scholar

So if you’ve followed my blog at all (which let’s be honest you probably haven’t 🙂 ) you’ve probably figured out that each of my toons tends to have a color scheme they wear. What you probably didn’t know, is that my Lore Master’s original outfit color was purple. That’s right – you heard it – PURPLE.

However, while I wouldn’t call myself a “role-player” per say, I like to have my characters wearing outfits that are appropriate for the area and quest. And a lot of LOTRO is travelling. And in true medieval fashion, most travelling clothes are a bit more drab and…camouflagey.

So, basically, my Lore-Master ended up wearing a lot of black (and she still does). BUT! I never once forgot that I intended her to favor the color purple! So I decided to finally make her a bright, richly colored outfit befitting of a high-level sorceress! (And yes I know LMs technically don’t use magic and yada yada yada I don’t care lol)

This outfit actually fell together really quickly. I decided I wanted to use the Lore-Keeper’s Robe from the Barad Guldur raid, and after that everything just fell into place. The shoulder piece is actually one I’ve been wanting to use for the longest time but never found the right outfit. I was, of course, planning to make an accompanying warsteed outfit, but it was going to be something plain and derivative until I realized that the caparison of summer’s night went perfectly with the oufit as well, and now I’m a little obsessed.

so pretty….

Anyways, so this outfit was quick, fun, and painless. It even gave me a reason to revisit Elrond’s library for the first time in a while.

so many books…

Unfortunately not everyone seemed to share my excitement.

Why are you ignoring me?? You’re literally staring at these books every time I come by.
Stop staring at the books!!
You need a life bro.
Shoulders: Fortified Shoulders of the Five Rivers (purple)
Chest: Lore-Keeper's Robe (purple)
Feet: Lesser Boots of Dunlammad (sienna) ---- honestly I don't care about the shoes in this one. These were inconspicuous and out of the way.
Staff: Gleaming Staff of Fate
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (purple)
Body: Caparison of Summer's Night (purple)
Saddle: Saddle of Gondor
Legs: Light Leggings of the Norcrofts (purple)
Tail: Tail of the Gloaming Autumn (my default tail for my LM's warsteed)

Master of Dragons

I’m still here! Officially survived my fist year of college and my first (and hopefully last) summer of Covid! Anyways, I really hope that the few figments of my imagination that actually read this blog are staying safe and healthy.

Anyways, it’s been suuuper hot this summer so I decided to go all out and make a “fiery” outfit (Get it? Get it??). I actually designed this outfit for the new RK I rolled who traits red line for fire. And yes, I know that they always say use yellow line (lightning) for leveling RKs and red line (fire) for endgame, but I like the idea of having two magic users each excelling in a specific element.

My new RK – She’s super fun. I love her.

Anywho, my new rune-keeper is only level 34, so there was no way she was gonna survive the trek to Mordor to take some photos.

You’d think for having such a cool name the Lone-lands would have cooler monsters to fight…
Still pretty I guess…

Therefore, my LM was chosen to be today’s model.

Admittedly I edited the brightness on the Mordor photos a bit – just cause Mordor is soooo dark to take pictures in, even if it does have drakes and flames.

I don’t normally use helmets either, but I decided this outfit warranted one to complete the dragon like appearance.

This was also a great opportunity to pull out the unflagging dragon war-steed appearance.

- Head: Helm of the Dead City (red)
- Shoulders: Shoulder's of the Lady's Wisdom (sunset orange)
-Back: Wyrmscale Wizard's Cloak (black) ---- there is also a ceremonial version available in Lalia's Market
- Chest: Breastplate of the Slayer's Raimant (sunset orange)
- Hands: Strong Gauntlets of Thorin's Strength (black)
- Feet: Wildermore Boots of Combat (black)
War Steed:
- Head: Head-Piece of the Unflagging Dragon (red)
- Body: Caparison of the Unflagging Dragon (red)
- Tail: Tail of the Unflagging Dragon
- Saddle: Saddle of the Unflagging Dragon
Who’s the mother of Dragons now Dany?

Battle Sage

So this outfit was sort of an offshoot of my previous outfit – while I was trying to figure everything out, I happened to pair the Shoulders of the Lady’s Defense with the Isengard Lore Master’s robe. It didn’t give me the look I wanted for a winter outfit, but I immediately knew I wanted to make something from it.

I decided that it was both an elegant and intimidating look, one perfect for a powerful mage who only rarely has to enter the fray herself. And I know LMs aren’t technically magic-wielders according to the game lore, but I’ve already expressed my opinion on the matter and you can fight me on this.

I also decided to change up my LM’s normal hairstyle for this look, opting for a pulled back appearance rather than her long flowing locks. It seemed more appropriate for battle, it looked a bit more regal, and I liked the idea of her wearing some gold on her head to match the outfit and this hair style had just that.

So yeah that’s about it. Trying to mentally prepare myself for going back to school next week. I am excited about my classes, although my schedule won’t be finalized until drop/add has come and gone. I’m planning on taking a computer programming class which has me very excited, particularly since I really want to eventually understand how games work.

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady's Defense (ceremonial version available at Lalia's Market) (black)
Chest: The Beast-Keeper's Robe (default)
Hands: The Beast-Keeper's Gloves (Default)
Feet: Potent Battle Boots of the Mark (black)
Staff: Lore Master's Staff of the Third Age (min. level 53)
Head: Head-Piece of the Unflagging Dragon (black)
Body: Caparison of the Unflagging Dragon (black)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Feet: Light Leggings of the Entwash (black)
Tail: Tail of the Unflagging Dragon (black)
Body/Mane: solid black

Empress of Midnight Chill

I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea why I picked this particular title. All I know is that this is basically a counter-outfit to the Yule Queen one, similar to how I made the two complimentary sage outfits.

I don’t actually have a lot to say about the outfit. It’s basically just black and gold, whereas the other one was white and gold.

In more exciting news I finally got a new computer! I originally got a mac, but I wasn’t thrilled with it, and I couldn’t justify spending that much money on something I wasn’t crazy about so I returned it. Instead I got a PC – it’s actually a gaming PC technically, and it’s the most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever seen. I’m in love. I’m obsessed. Which is good, cause I still over a week left before I go back to school and I am bored out of my mind!!

Um….what else…I watched the new Witcher series! And honestly I really liked it. Don’t get me wrong, it has plenty of issues and some of the choices the show runners made seem excessive at best, gratuitous and unnecessary at worst. BUT, that being said, I think the core casting of Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and Dandelion (Jaskier) was extremely well done, and for me that’s what’s most important. I thought the chemistry between the characters was also really well established, except for that between Geralt and Ciri (due to lack of screen time). All in all, it made me want to reread the books, and I think it has a ton of potential for season 2.

I also watched some of HBO’s adaptation of His Dark Materials, so I think I might want to read those books now too. What else…watched the new Star Wars movie, still on the fence about whether I consider the new trilogy to be cannon…um…

I don’t know…I’m bored. But LOTRO looks really good with my new computer’s graphics card. I didn’t realize how much detail LOTRO had…I also didn’t realize how different colors look on modern screens. It’s interesting. Purple is a lot less blue now…

I’m still getting used to the lack of buttons on the laptop’s mouse. But all in all I’m glad I stuck with windows instead of switching to Apple. I love Apple for my phone and iPad and stuff, but I like the feeling of control Windows gives me when it comes to my computer. Also I just hate change and I’ve always used PCs.

So yeah. That’s about it. I’m in stream of consciousness mode right now.

Head: Ice Flower Crown (black)
Shoulders: The Beast-Keeper's Shoulder Pads (default)
Chest: Robe of Cleansing Fire (default)
Hands: The Beast Keeper's Gloves (default)
Feet: Threadbare Boots of the Dunland Healer (black)
Head: Head-Piece of the Ice Flower (black)
Body: Caparison of the Ice Flower (black)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Coat/Mane/Tail: solid black

Sage of Winters Night

This is a companion outfit to my last post – basically once I finished the previous outfit I just had to make its opposite.

Same location, same basic outfit design, just at night.

This one was actually a LOT easier to take screenshots of than my first one, probably because it’s not a white outfit on a white background…

Seriously though, the Misty Mountains are GORGEOUS at night.

It also gave me the opportunity to showcase my second favorite LM pet, the Ember Eagle! I liked how the accents of red on the wing tips and tail complimented the red of the robe.

Again I also brought out one of my cosmetic birds. In my previous post I used the snowy owl, and in this one I used the raven! (I really like birds, so I’ve decided my LM does too – can you tell?)

Anyways, be prepared for more winter outfits! I go a little crazy when Yule Fest rolls around.

Head: Lesser Memory of the West Hat (black)
Shoulders: Fur Mantle (black)
Chest: Robe of the Lavenhebron
Hands: Medium Nadhin Gauntlets (black)
Feet: Medium Nadhin Boots (black)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wanderer (black)
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (white)
Body: Caparison of Rivendell (black)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Tail: Tail of the Gloaming Autumn
Feet: Tattered Feathers of the Harbinger
Body/Tail: black

Sage of Winters Light

Winter is here! And while I hate the cold IRL, I love dressing up my toons in warm outfits in preparation for Yule Fest!

This first one is actually one I’ve had in the words for a long time, it just took a bit for everything to come together.

Ever since I got the Vestments of the Northern Sky last year I’ve wanted to use it in an outfit, but I just wasn’t sure how. I figured out pretty early on that I wanted to pair it with the cloak of the wise wanderer, but everything else was up in the air.

Anyways, I was playing around with ideas and finally decided to go completely bird-like with the outfit, and voila! Here we are 🙂

The real challenge actually ended up being getting good screenshots – I figured out I wanted to use the Misty Mountains pretty quickly, but the first few times I went there the weather was really too bad to shoot.

Eventually though the weather cleared, and I got the chance to show off my beautiful white Tundra-Eagle which has been my favorite LM pet ever since I first got it in game (admittedly eagles aren’t the most useful pet, but come on they’re so dang majestic!)

Although she did find a bit of competition 🙂

Still, it’s hard to say no to her, which is why I’m posting a bunch of pics with her because she just looks so pretty with ultra high graphics.

Good bird 🙂
Head: Winged Circlet (default)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Precise Bowmaster (umber)
Chest: Vestments of the Northern Sky (white)
Hands: Gloves of the Great Alliance (default)
Back: Cloak of the Wise Wanderer
Feet: Apparently I had Medium Nadhin Boots on but since you can't really see the feet with this outfit, it doesn't really matter??
Body: Trappings of the Northern Herald (white)
Saddle: Saddle of the Northern Herald
Feet: Tattered Feathers of the Harbinger
Mane/Tail: white

I had fun.

That’s what really matters, right?

Frozen Forest

So this is an outfit I actually made a couple months ago but never posted. Luckily scrolling through my documents the other day I found a collection of screenshots I took, and even though I decided to take completely new ones, it did remind me that this outfit existed.

It was an interesting outfit to assemble, because despite having an obvious winter theme it also contains distinct leafy markings. To emphasize this I decided to seek out a snowy forest environment, eventually landing on Kauppa-Kohta in Forochel.

I originally intended to go with a different cloak, but upon reassembling the outfit I realized that the Snowy Hoodless Cloak available during Yule Festival matched the outfit perfectly.

I don’t have much more to say about the outfit, particularly since I actually already wrote this post once but due to internet problems none of it saved.

The outfit also looks really good in daylight.

Head: Rune-Maker's Hat (steel blue)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Heavy Heart (steel blue)
Chest: Ceremonial Chestplate of the Gloom-Bane (white)
Legs: Trousers of the Hopeful Melody (steel blue)
Hands: Shield-Master's Gauntlets (default)
Boots: Battle-Leader's Boots (steel blue)
Back: Snowy Hoodless Cloak (navy)
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (default)
Body: Trappings of the Northern Herald (Default)
Saddle: Basic Black Saddle

Black Swan

My Swan outfit!! I kind of felt bad using the light nadhin robe AGAIN, but honestly there’s no better piece in the game to capture “Swanliness” in my opinion.

Once again the problem came down to the shoulders. I wanted them to be dark, but not too dark or else they wouldn’t fit with the lighter hues of the robe. I also wanted them to be somewhat prominent to add a darker flare to the outfit, but I also wanted to make sure they did’t cover the swan emblem on the chest.

I ended up going with the Embroidered Mantle of the Pathfinder’s Artifice – a doomfold crafted light armor piece. I wasn’t actually sold on it until nighttime came around in game and then I decided it was the one.

The cloak was a pretty automatic decision. I’ve been wanting to use the Cloak of the Autumn Wanderer for a while now and this gave me the perfect opportunity.

I don’t really have a lot to say about the outfit…I decided to take screenshots in the Rushgore since I knew there were black swans there. I figure there have got to be some others in game, but I wasn’t certain.

That white swan is actually my cosmetic pet since I couldn’t find any in the Rushgore and wanted the contrast.
Head: Lesser Memory of the West Hat (black)
Shoulders: Embroidered Mantle of the Pathfinder's Artifice (white)
Chest: Light Nadhin Robe (black)
Hands: Shield-Master's Gauntlets (black) - honestly these were just left over from the previous outfit and I decided they looked fine.
Feet: Medium Nadhin Boots (black)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wanderer (default/white)
Staff: Lainis

Wrath of Nature

Okay, so I have been wanting to use this chest piece for a VERY long time. It’s called the Ancient Inlaid Breastplate, and it’s a heavy armor piece available from questing in the Great River. It’s a beautiful plated robe, with amazing detail and a distinct elvish vibe. The only problem? I couldn’t for the life of me find a shoulder piece to go with it.

That is, I should say, until a couple days ago, when I finally got my hands on the Isengard Minstrel raid shoulders. Well, to be fair, it’s really a cosmetic version acquired as part of the Grammarian set (an outfit purchasable via mithril coins in game and originally created by the Starry Mantle https://starrymantle.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/grammarian-of-gondor/).

I’m not generally a fan of using LPs or Mithril coins to buy items that you can earn in game, but I will admit that the thought of leveling my minstrel up to level 80 was kind of a daunting thought, and I had some extra LPs so I went ahead and bought the set.

I was really uncertain when assembling this outfit, but I have to say it’s probably become one of my favorites? I’m not exactly sure, there’s just something so elegant about it. Also, for any of you Witcher fans (if you get a chance you should seriously read the books by the way – they’re even better than the games which, to be fair, I’ve never actually played but they seem really cool in their own right) this ensemble gives me some serious Yennefer of Vangerberg vibes, which I am totally here for.

Just look at all the leaf details on this thing.

I didn’t do Great River quests my first time through the game on my champ, so the first time I saw this hauberk/robe I thought it was just a reskinned version of the light Nadhin robe. Eventually of course I realized that this one must have been introduced to the game first since Dol Amroth is a higher level region, but that didn’t stop me from trying to make a black swan outfit out of it.

I was actually already working on an outfit for that purpose when I finally realized that this item was decorated in leaves not feathers, so I switched directions. I’m still trying to put together a black swan ensemble, but I’ve picked a more appropriate chest-piece.

I’m honestly not a huge fan of this caparison, but the look DEMANDED a war steed.

For this one I decided on elvish forest warrior (whatever the heck that means) so I traveled to Mirkwood and went with a distinctly more nature-y theme. The shoulders can’t be dyed though (although with the Grammarian version you can change the color of the embroidery, just not the black background) so I decided to go with black as my dye of choice for the other items.

Since I was going for a clear battle-ready theme I felt I had to include a warsteed. I’m still on the fence about whether I like the combination of the horse and rider, but I figured no combination was worse. I really didn’t have a lot of options that would compliment the outfit, at least not on my LM. I’ve acquired a bunch of different war steed sets for my champion, but that’s because he’s my main and I’ve been playing him for years. Unfortunately war-steed armors from the LOTRO store are SUPER expensive, so I won’t go buying them for all my toons, and I felt this outfit HAD to be modeled by my LM.

I still think they pair pretty well. If you tilt your head and squint the dragon wings on the caparison even kind of look like leaves.

Head: Rune-Maker's Hat (default)
Shoulders: Grmmarian's Shoulder Pads (white) (or default version for Minstrel ROI raid set)
Chest: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate (black)
Hands: Shield-Master's Gauntlets (black)
Feet: Boots of the Cudor (default)
Back: Legolas' Cloak (black)
Staff: Reshaped LM staff of the 1st age

Body: Caparison of the Reminiscing Dragon (black)
Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (white)
Saddle: Basic Black Saddle