Defender of the Mallorns

Okay so this was a fun outfit, and it was one of those that existed as a vague idea until I found the perfect piece and everything fell together.

The piece in question that ended up making the outfit was the chest piece. I was in the middle of the planning stages of this outfit when, while running Moria instances for deeds, I got this shirt as a drop, already the perfect dye.

I already had the legs and the shoulders, but with the chest piece everything just came together.

I have to say having an elf huntress has been super fun, especially for outfitting purposes. A lot of the outfits that I could never really make sense of before fit her perfectly. And since my head-cannon for my high elf is that she chose to serve Galadriel after reawakening in the Third Age, I was very excited to put her in Lothlorien.

Shooting in Lothlorien ended up being rather difficult, though, because it turns out I made my outfit a little too well. And by this I mean it’s kind of the perfect camouflage amidst the gold and silver Mallorn trees. Which is admittedly what I was going for, but it’s not super helpful if you’re trying to highlight the outfits in your photos.

I love this outfit though, and there’s a perfect matching warsteed outfit:

Unfortunately I don’t have the warsteed armor on my huntress, which is why its my RK and her steed modeling here instead.

Ah, well. I persevere.

Head: Hooded Mask of the Golden Forest Defender (gold)
Shoulders: Lore-Keeper's Shoulders (gold)
Chest: Zaghal-Zudur (ranger green)
Hands: Gloves of the Forest Bounder (white)
Legs: Rune-Maker's Trousers (white)
Feet: Lore-Keeper's Shoes (gold)
Bow: Exquisite Black Ash Bow
Sword: Defender of Gwingris
Head: Head-Piece of Elder Autumn (default)
Caparison: Caparison of Elder Autumn (default)
Mane/Tail: Steel Grey
Body: Tobiano Charcoal

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