Huntress of the Plains

So with the new update, we have new cosmetics! I must say they’re very unique pieces – they include a lot of asymmetry and interesting armor plating. The one major drawback? You can’t dye them.

I’m not a huge fan of the heavy and medium armor chest-pieces, but it isn’t that hard to find some other shirt or jacket to pair well with them. In fact, it’s a little too easy and I came up with a BUNCH of options. As I said before, the new items can’t be dyed, but luckily it’s not that hard to match the color. Upon placing the leggings in my wardrobe they were labeled as dark clay – a dye available in game. Here’s the catch – dark clay isn’t a very readily available dye. You can barter for it during summer fest (with tokens or mithril coins depending on the year) and it’s also available for completing all ten trifle cards for the anniversary fest, but that’s it as far as I’m aware. If you can’t get a hold of some dark clay dye, however, burgundy is a close match as well.

Because of the asymmetry of the leggings, I wanted to find similar pieces to go with them. As seems to be the norm now, the hardest thing to decide on was the shoulder piece, though I ultimately landed on the Fine Grey Company Wrap – a cosmetic available as a reward from Volume 3 book 5 chapter 1 of the epic series.

I also played around with the graphics this time before taking screenshots which turned out to be a GREAT decision because the metal plating on the leggings has some amazing detail.

Not feeling in a very “writey” mood so that’s about it. I’ll attach a few more photos and then the description of the items.

Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap (crimson)
Chest: Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate (dark clay)
Hands: Enduring Gauntlets of the Traveler (dark clay)
Legs: Kozun's Gift (default/dark clay)
Feet: Reworked Boots (grey)
Back: Quiver of the Waking Wood
Bow: Fortified Black Ash Bow

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