Black Swan

My Swan outfit!! I kind of felt bad using the light nadhin robe AGAIN, but honestly there’s no better piece in the game to capture “Swanliness” in my opinion.

Once again the problem came down to the shoulders. I wanted them to be dark, but not too dark or else they wouldn’t fit with the lighter hues of the robe. I also wanted them to be somewhat prominent to add a darker flare to the outfit, but I also wanted to make sure they did’t cover the swan emblem on the chest.

I ended up going with the Embroidered Mantle of the Pathfinder’s Artifice – a doomfold crafted light armor piece. I wasn’t actually sold on it until nighttime came around in game and then I decided it was the one.

The cloak was a pretty automatic decision. I’ve been wanting to use the Cloak of the Autumn Wanderer for a while now and this gave me the perfect opportunity.

I don’t really have a lot to say about the outfit…I decided to take screenshots in the Rushgore since I knew there were black swans there. I figure there have got to be some others in game, but I wasn’t certain.

That white swan is actually my cosmetic pet since I couldn’t find any in the Rushgore and wanted the contrast.
Head: Lesser Memory of the West Hat (black)
Shoulders: Embroidered Mantle of the Pathfinder's Artifice (white)
Chest: Light Nadhin Robe (black)
Hands: Shield-Master's Gauntlets (black) - honestly these were just left over from the previous outfit and I decided they looked fine.
Feet: Medium Nadhin Boots (black)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wanderer (default/white)
Staff: Lainis

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