Enedwaith Watcher

Here’s an outfit I’ve had sitting on the back burner for a while – not quite sure why. I really liked it the moment I made it so I saved it to one of my RK’s outfit slots. I guess I was just waiting for the inspiration to hit to screen shot it.

It really all started when I got a hold of these shoulder guards – the Fine Camail of the Towers. You can barter for it using ash from a High Enchanter. Once I got them I went about constructing an outfit to match, and this is what I came up with.

This was an interesting case in which I dyed everything Lorien gold in an attempt to get that pale green color. Oftentimes when you use that particular dye you get a pale gold, but depending on what the backdrop color of the item is, you can get this shade of green.

I ended up in Enedwaith somehow, and decided that was the right location for the outfit. I haven’t actually done all that much questing in Enedwaith before – it’s free to VIPs, but otherwise you have to buy the region. It’s a very beautiful region though, and the Mournshaws are a particularly interesting area.

So that’s about all I have to say in regards to the outfit. Like I said, I made it a while ago, so I don’t really remember what was going through my head. Enjoy!

Shoulders: Fine Camail of the Towers (default)
Chest: The Bow-Master's Jacket (lorien gold)
Hands: The Bow-Master's Gloves (lorien gold)
Feet: Lesser Boots of the Dunlammad (default)
Back: Cloak of the Grey Company (lorien gold)

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