Spring Fever

So I think I mentioned in my last post that I’m not a huge fan of Spring Fest. I normally LOVE festivals because they’re a great opportunity to snag unique cosmetics for humanoids and horses alike, not to mention some nice legendary items and hard to get dyes. I know Festivals can get boring – after all you are just repeating the same quests over and over – but Spring Fest has always struck me as particularly boring. By which I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through one full round of quests on one character. I normally just stock up on festival tokens during Yule Fest and then convert them to Spring Fest tokens via the barterer at the Party Tree.

I haven’t actually been spending as much time in game lately either. Part of it might be because I was super excited for Spring Fest and then they added like…nothing new this year? There is a new goat, but tbh I’m not that into the goats (shhh! It’s an unpopular opinion!)

One thing that really bummed me out this season is the fact that there are no new War Steed cosmetics – which I guess makes sense because the new steed is a goat not a horse – but still.

But alas spring is still a fun season! So I decided to make a fun outfit to mark it’s arrival. The shirt is a ceremonial version of the PvP RK chest-piece. It’s available from Lalia’s Market for 25 Mithril Coins, or you can get the real thing in the moors for 4000 commendations (I think). If you’re just after it for the cosmetics (like I was) it’s a lot easier to choose the first route. All you have to do is farm some deeds for a while – enough to get some LPs – and you’re all set.

The shoulder piece was also a pretty fun find – it’s the Mantle of the North Ithilian Wilds which can be bartered from the herbalists in North Ithilian. The legs are also a ceremonial version of the Leggings of the Quiet Step, although these can be bartered from the cosmetic skirmish vendor for marks and medallions.

Here’s the outfit with a different color scheme – I’ve also added a back item to the look. It’s the Lasgalen Spring Pack which can be bartered for during Spring Fest (I felt I had to include something from the festival somehow). Ironically the head piece – the Circlet of Fresh Picked Flowers – is available during the Farmer’s Faire – not Spring Fest.

I actually feel like the white/blue color scheme is a better match for Spring while the Purple one is more summery, but I just loved the way it looked too much not to include it.

Head: Circlet of Fresh Picked Flowers (default)
Shoulders: Mantle of the Ithilian Wilds (purple, navy)
Chest: Ceremonial Thunderstruck Shirt (purple, belegaer blue)
Legs: Ceremonial Leggings of the Quiet Step (rose, white)
Feet: Reclaimed Nobleman's Shoes (rose, moria silver)
Back: Lasgalen Spring Pack

Gotta love it when some random person rides past you while your out emoting for screenshots 🙂

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