Sunrise in Laketown (and other adventures)

So this isn’t actually a NEW outfit, per say, but I’ve never posted it before (A similar outfit can be found in the Silent Watcher post – the chest-piece is the same). It’s been a staple of my main’s wardrobe and it tends to be a go to of mine for any new toon – or even established ones. One thing I love about it is that it looks great in pretty much any color. So, here’s a few shots in my favorite hues balanced out by beautiful locations!

My alt champ wearing all white in Dol Amroth –

Before going back to take some photos, I had never realized just how beautiful Dol Amroth really is. Probably cause the first couple times I went through there I was tired of questing in Gondor, and most of the times that I have returned it’s been only to barter for things, not to marvel at the scenery.

The white, the pink, the blue, it’s all just so regal. Not to mention that those are some epic ships and the harbor itself is so serene and beautiful.

Here’s my warden (level 77 now btw – just for the record!) dressed in burgundy while exploring Harangmar in the Lone Lands. Now, for all the fun that I’ve had questing in the area, it’s not a particularly beautiful region. There is something very cool about the red swamps and bogs that make up Agamar, Harangmar, Garth Agarwen, and the Red Pass. It’s kind of a surreal area – the only other place in game I can think of that has a similar geography is Arganaith in Mordor (which is a significantly less fun place to quest in).

As long as you avoid all the walking dead, it’s a rather nice area.

Next is my hunter in Ashenslades Green, tracking some creatures outside of Esteldin in the North Downs (JK – it’s actually the Guide to Bree skill he’s using, but it has the same animation). Also, fun fact, it took me going through Mirkwood FOUR times to finally realize that it was AshenSLADES and not AshenDALES. I finally realized it was named after a region there and that I’d been pronouncing it wrong (in my head at least – I don’t think I ever had cause to actually speak the word aloud) for years.

The jacket on its own has a default color of a darker green, but I couldn’t quite find a matching dye for the other pieces, so I decided to dye the whole outfit this color for uniformity. Full disclosure, my hunter IS wearing a different cloak than the other toons – I ran out of Ashenslades dye and I’ve been on such a fashion bender lately that all of my toons are quite literally BROKE.

Here’s my alt champ again – this time hunting shades in Ost Celebrant by the Great River while dressed in Walnut Brown hues. I must say, I LOVE this dye. I’m not normally a big fan of brown shades, but there’s something so rich about this one. It’s a cool brown – not in the sense of “oh that rocks,” but in terms of it’s actual color. Umber and Sienna in the game both are warmer, redder hues – I’m not a huge fan of either of them. But the Walnut Brown dye gives items that sense of luxury and wealth while still seeming practical.

Can I also briefly mention how weird it is to fight incorporeal ghosts with normal, steel weapons? Like, how would that work?

And of course this wouldn’t be one of my posts without a war steed outfit somewhere in there, so here’s the un-dyed West Rohan Set – It’s available FOR FREE in game as a reward for doing West Rohan war-bands. There are three pieces: the halter, caparison, and saddle (although this is actually not the saddle being worn – this saddle I bartered for during Yule Fest). They drop pretty regularly, although sometimes it takes a bit of patience to get all of the pieces. It took me a couple weeks of doing war bands on my alt champ to acquire them all, despite having only taken me 15 minutes to get them all on my LM. Luck of the draw, I guess?

Back to my main, here he is sporting one of his classic Steel Blue outfits while adventuring around Lake Town.

The North Mirkwood/Erebor region is one of my favorite regions. Maybe it’s because it was the first update after Mordor (a region which caused me to rage quit multiple times), or maybe it’s because of the variety in landscape (lakes, mountains, forests), or maybe it’s because it’s just so pretty, but I love it. Also the Lay of Rust and Rhime quest chain involving the Weeping Warrior and magnificent dragons was one that really intrigued me. I haven’t actually run Anvil yet, so I’m really curious as to how this story is going to wrap up (if it even will! I know there are still more updates to come)!

So pretty…

And because it is what I titled this post, here’s my main champ in his classic all black outfit watching the sun rise over Lake Town:

I’m all worded out by now. So here are some nice pics to wrap this post up!

Considering it’s now 2 am my time, I think it’s time I went to bed. Lest I see a sunrise like this!

Shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders
Chest: Coat of Faramir's Faithful
Gloves: The Bowmaster's Gloves
Feet: Threadbare Boots of the Dunland Healer
Back: Swift Wool Cloak of the Dwarf-Holds

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