Silven Dragon

Here’s another outfit I had no actual intention of making. It just sort of…happened.

It all started with the leggings – the Rune Maker’s Trousers (mirkwood armor available from skirmish vendor). I’d seen them on another cosmetic blog, and I loved them. I had an open outfit slot, so I bartered for the leggings and equipped them cosmetically.

And then today, as I was visiting my vault in Galtrev, I decided to browse through the Draigoch raid armor set. And lo and behold, I was inspired. The jackets just seemed to pair really well with the leggings, but none more so than the minstrel’s chest-piect: the Dirge-Singer’s Jacket. Without having to dye either the trouser’s or the jacket, they matched. With these two pieces decided on, I finished the outfit with other Mirkwood and Draigoch pieces, and with minimal dying I had the outfit pretty much finished. Before I had even finished piecing it together though, I remembered a cloak I had sitting in my main’s vault that I had yet to use, so I quickly alted, accessed wardrobe, and the outfit was complete.

The cloak is the Strong Cloak of the Hope of Men – It’s a reward from Chapter 7 of the Human Allegiance faction. I had always loved it – hence the hoarding it away in my vault – but because of it’s permanent ranger green trim I had a hard time matching it to an outfit.

But now it gets to shine!! One thing I love about this outfit is that none of the major pieces are dyed – they’re all in their default shades. The cloak is no exception.

I’m not really sure I have any good reason for pairing all the leaf imagery from the elven sets with the dragon from the Draigoch raid, but there was something in the leafy designs I chose that (at least in my opinion) seemed to echo dragon wings. The shoulders especially – even though they’re shaped like oak leaves, they give the wearer a winged appearance (though definitely not a bird-like one).

I also took this outfit as an opportunity to showcase the brown bat cosmetic pet, available for barter during the fall festival. I’ll admit, at first I steered clear of this pet. But then I saw an adorable video on YouTube of a baby flying fox eating fruit, and I fell in love. Seriously, look up a video of a baby flying fox. It’s adorable. They’re like tiny, winged puppies with huge eyes.

There was also a series of books I read when I was younger that featured bats – the Silverwing Book Series – and during the period of life in which young people obsess about talking animals, it was a welcome addition to my library. Anyways, it’s softened my opinion of bats. Plus the flying fox video. That just melted my heart.

But, back to the outfit, I felt a pet was a must have for this one, and at least bat’s have similar wings to dragons. There are dragon kite cosmetic pets you can have, but until SSG gives me an actual dragon for a pet, I’m gonna hold off on those ones 🙂

Head: Rune Maker's Hat (ranger green)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Deathstorm (ranger green)
Chest: Dirge-Singer's Jacket (default)
Hands: Gloves of the Forest Bounder (default)
Legs: Rune-Maker's Trousers (default)
Feet: Spellweaver's Boots (white)
Back: Strong Cloak of the Hope of Men (default)

Also Spring Fest starts tomorrow and I’m super excited!!!

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