Lothlorien Sentinel

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty proud of this one. If you’re at all familiar with my blog, it should be no surprise by now that I generally prefer LOTRO’s tunics (chest and legs combined) to separate upper body and leg pieces. This one, however, is an exception. Composed entirely of Harndirion pieces, this one is entirely composed by me. I actually struggled quite a bit making up my mind as to what I wanted – there were just so many options!

I actually put this all together while visiting the vault in Galtrev, but once I had it figured out I instantly knew that Lothlorien was the only place that could do the outfit justice. Not only that, but it also made the most sense there in my opinion.

Can I just mention real quick how GORGEOUS Lothlorien is???

I remember the first time I got to Lothlorien. My champ had just finished an arduous trek through Moria (and I mean arduous – I was a serious completionist first time around so I did EVERY quest I could in a region. Don’t worry – I’ve since moved on!) and after a few weeks of nothing but darkness (he was the only toon I was playing at the time) I remember emerging into the bright light of the Dimrill Dale. Maybe it was due to having spent so much game time without sunlight, but immediately I deemed it to be the most beautiful region I’d laid eyes on.

And then of course I actually got inside the city of Caras Galadhon, and what I already thought was beautiful became even more so. The golden Mallorn trees surrounding Cerin Amroth were breathtaking enough, but the towering trees and intricate Talans (the tree-house like structures) inside the lady Galadriel’s home took that breath away completely.

My horse’s eyes look kind of creepy in this pic…

No place in LOTRO had so perfectly captured the images my mind had conjured when I first read the Fellowship of the Ring. Since first entering the Golden Wood, I have seen many new and exciting regions (excluding Mordor – I hate that place. But I guess I’m kind of supposed to? So good job SSG?) but Lothlorien remains my favorite. My RK was the first toon I made that actually hails from the region, though it will never be more magical than that first time I explored it with my champion, feeling very much like a human in an elven world.

My champion is also the only toon to reach kindred with the Galadhrim. This was back before I had a war horse – before the obsession started – and I REALLY wanted that white horse. I spent days doing Lothlorien dailies just for that mount…I don’t think I’ve used it once since getting my war steed….

My RK didn’t do that. I was in a rush to get her to Rohan so I rushed through regions as fast as I could. I’d already gone through everything twice by that time – first on my champ then on my LM, so the shine had kind of worn off.

Lothlorien, though, will always be that surreal, magical place of golden trees and blooming flowers. A land of perpetual spring. A land of light and peace, where the stewards of the land see that its inhabitants are protected and that the greenery (or goldenry?) doesn’t fade.

This outfit combines a lot of that bird inspiration found throughout elven-styled outfits in LOTRO with the gold/white coloration of the Lorien elves.

The war steed outfit I put together to match it is based around the caparison of the Elder Autumn – Not only is it gold, but it has that “feather” like embellishments that go well with the whole “bird” aesthetic. I refused to use the headpiece though, because I, um…well…I don’t like it.

Here’s it with the head-piece. I guess it’s not terrible…I guess I kind of like it…I don’t know…it’s just sort of weird…if any one actually reads this blog, give me your thoughts! I’d love to know!

Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards (white)
Chest: Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate (white)
Hands: Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets (white)
Legs: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings (white)
Feet: Lesser Cry of the West Boots (white)

Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (white)
Body: Caparison of the Eldar Autumn (white)
Saddle: Saddle of the Northern Herald 

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