Harndirion Origins

So in my previous post I showcased an outfit composed of pieces bartered from Harndirion. I also mentioned that I had a really hard time deciding on the specifics of all the pieces – there were just so many options and possible combinations. So, I’ve decided to post some the original outfits I came up before changing it to the final one already featured – a way of capturing the creative process, as it were 🙂

This was the original outfit I had in mind, and to be honest I still quite like it. The only thing was the chest piece – the Lesser Ward of the West breast plate. Although I really liked the wings on it, I felt like it wasn’t bright enough to match the leggings, and I was dead set on having those be in the final product. Still, I really liked the contrast created by the black and white.

It’s really a rather elegant look, and the more I look at it the more I like it. But it’s definitely a very different vibe than what the final product turned out to be.

I just wasn’t sure that the chest piece really went with the leggings. I knew I definitely wanted to use the shoulders and the leggings, but I wasn’t as sold on the other pieces of the outfit.

So I decided to try a different chest piece: the Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate. Mind you, the outfit was still based on a black background at this time:

And, I mean, it was fine. The breastplate definitely matched the intensity of the leggings better than the original, but it didn’t have that same elegant, light armor feel. So I tried the original again, but dyed white instead of black:

And again, it was fine. But it didn’t really strike me as anything special. So what about the new breastplate but still dyed white?

And voila! The Lorien Sentinel outfit was born! The breast-plate matched the bright silver and gold of the legs, and it all worked together to give a plate metal feel. But in some ways it felt like a far cry from the original outfit.

Before this all happened there was also a period in which I was settled on the chest piece but not the leggings or shoulders. Here are some alternatives I tried:

Leggings: Fangorn Assault Leggings (black)
Leggings: Lesser Claw of the West Leggings (black)
Lesser Blade of the West Leggings
Lesser Voice of the West Shoulder Guards (black)

As you can see, the creative process is anything but straightforward. Anyways, if anyone of the zero people who read this blog want to comment on which combo was your favorite or if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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