The Newest Rider of Rohan

WE DID IT!!! (me and my warden that is). Through farming LPs and earning enough gold, I was able to buy a number of experience boosts and within no time at all my wonderful warden reached level 75 and got himself a war steed!

Just look at the two of them! My beautiful red-haired boy and his even more beautiful red-roan steed 🙂 I’m so happy this day has come! It was recently my birthday, so I decided that I had earned a $50 gift from me to me. This is how I spent it. Was it the most reasonable use of money? Maybe not. Do I regret it? Definitely not xD

It was an interesting road getting here. For one thing, it has been an absolute pleasure to quest with a warden – I never really appreciated how OP they are until I was mowing down mobs 5 levels higher than me. I also took the time to explore a bit in regions I hadn’t really quested in before – turns out there’s this whole story line in Enedwaith about forest spirits and Lotro’s own version of the Wild Hunt – complete with a mystical, 10 foot tall man with glowing eyes and antlers on his head. The quest chain led me through ancient rituals and finally to the Hall of the Huntsman himself.

I’ve never felt so small before…
A bow felt appropriate.

I also got to go talk to a bunch of different animal spirits from the forest, the last being a giant silvery stag who put me through a test of wisdom! I’m serious – I had to actually solve a logic problem – like in early math class. It wasn’t by any means difficult, but it was really cool to find something like this in game.

you sure you know what you’re doing?

So anyways, I had a good day 🙂 Now onto my minstrel! Ooh!!! And I have to drop by the ox-clan merchant camp to get some of those Isengard Warden sets!

Warden's new Steed:
Coat: dappled (flaxen chesnut)
Tail: simple (red roan)

He still needs a name…that’ll take some time…

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