I’m fine. REALLY.

This is what I think of your dang wait times!!!

It’s been almost 48 hours. It wasn’t even supposed to be 24 hours!!!! *sighs.* I get that switching data processors or whatever Standing Stone Games is currently doing must be a pretty big deal or whatever, and that patience is a virtue and what not, but I want my LOTRO back!!! There’s only so much arranging I can do in a day, and after arranging Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” for a 12 person acapella group and finishing nearly half of “Paparazzi,” I’m starting to go crazy. It doesn’t help that every time I checked LOTRO twitter they were pushing back the timeline for bringing the worlds back online…

Neither do I, random dwarf. Neither do I.

First it was supposed to be up and running again yesterday at 2 am. Then 5 am. Then 11 am. Then 5 pm. Then 2 am today. Now 2 pm…I mean I get that things like this can take some time, but patience is not my strong suit.

Remember when this used to feel like torture?

Well since I can’t play music in game (not that I’ve ever tried tbh…it’s definitely something I should look into) I guess I’m stuck with the real thing. On the bright side, I’ve been able to polish my solo for our upcoming concert and today I finally discovered my “mixed” voice register. If that even is a thing…I’m still not really sold on the idea. One way or the other, though, I did figure out a way to sing higher notes reliably without straining or flipping to head voice so that’s cool. Of course I had to do a bunch of weird vocal exercises to finally find it which I’m pretty sure my poor sweet dog mistook for a panic attack – at any rate she seemed very concerned about me.

It’s a trap!

I suppose I could use all that reserved LOTRO time to catch up on sleep while this whole thing plays out…at least these past couple days have been a good reminder of not to take the small things we love so much for granted. I mean it’s just a game – I don’t need it for survival or comfort, and I can find other ways to amuse myself (I mean real life people are a thing too, I guess) but it is nice to just take stock and give thanks for the small things that make life better.

Just a babe…

It makes me think back to when my main was just another level 52 champion struggling to get through Volume 1 in Angmar, reduced to using Blue Line to survive and convinced that I was stuck in the most horrible place LOTRO could devise…Back when I had him wearing all green, before I even knew about cosmetic outfits or wardrobe space…If only I knew then what I know now…I would have tried to appreciated every agonizing moment. I might have even taken my time through Mordor on the second, even third time around…

Why does LOTRO need to be fixed again?

I can even look back fondly on that time when my LM and her horse fell through the ground and just kept falling…

What if we just went back to the servers we had? What was wrong with them?

I’m definitely not thinking about how this all could have been avoided if SSG hadn’t tried to improve things. You know, if we’d all just accepted the crappy data processors we had. I did. But I’m not thinking about that. I’m giving thanks.

But why is the LOTRO gone??

I’m not going crazy. I’m fine without Lotro. Life goes on. I have other hobbies. I can find meaning in life without those pretty pixels. Just because I’m singing “neh, neh, neh, neh, neh” over and over and over doesn’t mean I’m losing it. It’s for a purpose. Really.

Seriously, I’m fine.
Why do you ask?

How much longer was that wait supposed to be?

Yes I’d like to report a problem.

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