Amidst the Dying Plains

So with the new distinction between Traveler’s and Adventurer’s Steel Bound Loot Boxes, we have a whole new set of armor! There’s the light, medium, and heavy traveler’s armor. They’re all relatively similar looking, though they dye differently and vary in terms of plate and leather. They’re also very functional looking – probably some of the most functional looking pieces in game (in my opinion). So, I got inspired to make a very rustic, realistic look for my Lore Master using one of the main chest pieces.

As you can see I’ve gone for dark brown and grey shades – colors that probably wouldn’t have involved much/any dye. The undyable part of the chest piece itself is a dark brown in color, and instead of pairing it with a brighter hue I decided to stick with the theme and make something very practical in appearance. I also chose my Lore Master to model the outfit as hauberks/long jackets/robes are kind of her thing.

In terms of camouflage, this outfit is VERY on point. It’s also got leather reinforcements, so it’s got good armor value as well. And finally, it has that era appropriate look for a medieval traveler (although you can argue what really would be an appropriate time period to compare Middle Earth to).

I’ve never actually constructed an outfit so purposefully devoid of color, but I have to say I REALLY like the way it turned out. If you’re into role playing at all, this outfit makes perfect sense, and when it all came together it does cut a rather fashionable figure. It’s definitely put me in a mood for finishing up the Ered Mithrin quests.

Accompanied as ever by her faithful feathered friend, my Lore Master is ready to hunt down some Ungoladans!

Shoulders: Ceremonial Pauldrons of the Mark (moria silver)
Chest: Swift Hauberk of the Traveler (walnut brown)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag (grey)
Feet: Rugged Work Boots (default) - for male toons use the other set
of Beorning boots
Staff: Delicately Carved Staff of the Dunedain

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