Meet the Fellowship!

So It finally occurred to me that maybe I should introduce the models I’m using and their accompanying steeds. Almost everyone has been featured already, but just in case anyone was curious on the details, here they are!

#1 my champ and my main! Leveled all the way to level cap without any boosts and without VIP (back when level cap was 115 – then I broke down cause I didn’t want to do the trek again lol) That’s right, this guy has been hardened by having to adventure Middle Earth the hard way – without swift travel! He is a man of Gondor, and his go to style is leather jerkins and gambesons, with the occasional jacket of fine material and, when the need arises, plate armor and chainmail. Though an experienced warrior and formidable fighter, he prefers to wear medium armor as he is often on the road, off to help the helpless! You’ll most often see him in darker shades of blue, grey, green, and black.

He is an unashamed horse-lover, and prides himself on his three steeds:

His go to battle stallion, with a shining white coat, solid build, and raging temper to match!
War steed: heavy
Coat: Solid (white)
Tail: Default (white)
His relief steed – swift and shadowy!
War steed: heavy
Coat: solid (black)
Tail: Gloaming Autumn (black)
Feet: occasionally will wear leggings of the gloaming autumn to be an all out Frisian!
The colt in training – wild and unrestrained but full of ardor and zeal!
War Steed: heavy
Coat: dappled (sooty)
Tail: Gloaming Autumn (black)

So IRL I’m a bit obsessed with horses, and since I spend the most time and effort on my champ, I splurge a bit on war steed cosmetics. I mean, all of my toons get to have their own custom horse, but my champ has three….and the most store bought barding 🙂

#2 – My Lore Master! This elvish sorcerer (don’t @ me Lore masters use magic and I will fight you!) loves her animals and has a particular soft spot for her avian friends. Originally rolled on a French server so I could practice the language, she was recreated on my Main’s server when I finally joined a kin. So yes, in case you are wondering, there are two versions of her. One at cap and another stuck probably for good at level 50. She likes long robes and coats that come down to just below the knees. Having faced many foes throughout her adventures, she has learned to set aside the stylish gown for the more practical and battle-ready hauberk. She likes to wear combinations of black and white, but she doesn’t shy away from the occasional pop of color. After all, she does have some flashy feathered friends to compete with!

Her closest friend and steed, a swift, sleek black stallion with a relatively mild manner and intense loyalty!
War Steed: Medium
Coat: Solid (black)
Tail: Gloaming Autumn (black)

#3 – My hunter! I have to admit, I got really bored with playing the hunter at low levels. But then, on a whim, I got an aria of the valar (treat your self!) and upgraded him to level 105 baby!! And in case you were wondering, he became a lot more fun to play and I got him to level cap within a week. As a hunter, this toon prefers to stay out of the direct fray and so prefers to wear light jackets in green tones for camouflage rather than more restrictive leather or plate. He’s not the best fighter, but his aim is true and his arrow swift!

His palamino pinto steed – a swift and spirited colt, though not the most steadfast in battle 🙂
War steed: medium
Coat: Tobiano (tan)
Tail: Default (blond)

#4 – My Rune Keeper! Also started on that same French server with my Lore Master, she is now thriving with the rest of my toons. Barely in her teens when I re-rolled her on the North American server, she now is almost level 80 and is the proud owner of her own war steed. In terms of fashion, she prefers light, shorter tunics that allow her to swiftly and nimbly run through forests, mountains, and marshes alike. Light on her toes and always ready to cast some lightning, she gravitates toward lighter colors like white, grey, gold, and light blue.

Her newly acquired mare, fast as lightning and swifter than the wind, always ready to race across the plains or sprint through the night.
Coat: Dappled (sooty)
Tail: default (white)

#5 – the second champ! So this guy was really just an afterthought at first. When I bought the Mordor expansion it came with an Aria of the Valar, and I had no idea what to use it on. I actually like leveling up toons – if the class isn’t interesting enough to play all the way to level cap then it’s probably just not the class for me (excusing my hunter – who I ariad because I really wanted another character at cap). Also at this time I was getting more into cosmetics, and wanted to get the dunland armor pieces again (I hadn’t saved them on my main). So I decided to make a champ, and use the aria on him. I knew I liked the champ class since I’d already gotten one of them to level cap, and I knew that I would be familiar with the class mechanics so questing would be easy. He was mainly just a toon to store stuff on and quest for overleveled cosmetic pieces I wanted. His name was just a variant of my hunter’s name, and I gave him no war steed cosmetics. He simply existed.

Now I’m pleased to say that with the recent sale of LPs, he has been given a new unique name and has been gifted with not one, but TWO war steeds! (It was only gonna be one but I couldn’t decide between the two so…oops 🙂 He still hasn’t really gotten his own fashion sense yet, but that will come. For now he’s kind of copying my main, but with more browns and greys than blacks and blues. His time will come tho 🙂 He is officially a member of my fellowship now, not merely an alt for storage.

His mare, a gentle brindled liver chestnut with solid endurance and unending loyalty.
War steed: medium
Coat: Brindled (black chestnut)
Tail: default (black chestnut)
His stallion, a fierce colt with a hot temper and dominant nature. Not the best for pleasure riding 🙂
War steed: medium
Coat: solid (dark chestnut)
Tail: default (dark chestnut)

#6 – My Minstrel!! Another toon re-rolled from the French server, though this one hasn’t leveled very far since then. She’s only level 13 right now, though after my warden she will be the next to travel Middle Earth! I’d never thought about this before, but she could definitely be my second champ’s sister if I had a mind to give them a back story. They’ve got the same hair and eye color, after all. Her style is probably going to be more casual than my RK’s or my LM’s – she’ll get to wear the nice jacket every so often but will probably stick to more muted colors and less intricate apparel. I guess you could say I’m going for a more “peasant” vibe with her, but it’s too early on to make that call for sure. War Steeds aren’t even on my mind yet for her, but I’m thinking maybe she can make use of the appaloosa coat that you can earn in East Rohan? Who knows? Adventures lie in wait!

#7 – My warden!!!! I’m so excited about this guy. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally roll a toon from this class, but I am seriously loving the play style. Gambits are really fun to learn, and getting into the fray reminds me of all the good times I had on my champ. All the other toons I’ve leveled up besides my main have been more ranged classes, and I gotta say I’ve missed the action. He’s also a red head!! I don’t really know what inspired me, but he’s a character. Red is also his trademark color, which is fun since that’s a dye I haven’t really used much before. Well, burgundy and crimson, to be more exact. Still not the biggest fan of bright red. Anyways, I’m looking forward to leveling him up, and I already know what his war steed is gonna be – a red roan 🙂 Fitting, right? Will be posting updates on this guy as we make our way to Rohan together.

#8 – My Beorning. I’m gonna be honest, she’s only level 8. I played her for about 5 minutes and put her gear into the wardrobe…Not sure how much she’s ever going to level up. I haven’t really given her enough of a chance to decide whether I find the Beorning class fun or not…I didn’t really get great vibes off of it when I first started, but level 1 is VERY different than level 100, so we’ll see! At any rate, she’s at the bottom of the list for questing priorities. Which is kind of a shame, cause she’s so freakin’ beautiful!!!!

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