Spearman of the March

That’s right – run away. Run from my level 22 warden!!

So I finally rolled a warden! And let me just say, it is a FUN class. I actually created this toon right about the same time I broke down and bought an Aria of the Valar. I intended to use it on my hunter, but once I started getting into the warden I confess I was torn. In the end though, I decided a class as long as complicated and lovingly-made as the warden deserved to be leveled all the way through and granted the time to properly learn the class dynamics.

The warden was immediately more to my liking than the hunter – probably because I’m so used to playing a champion and my instinct is to rush into the fray and get into the action, and that doesn’t work so well on a hunter. It does, however, work well on a warden 🙂

Sorry wolf. I need your pelt for a quest.
Running, running, and running, running

Also, my warden immediately seemed like the perfect candidate to wear that specific blend of plate armor and leather jackets – i.e., the Bowmaster’s Jacket (medium isengard t1 armor). There’s just something about the warden class that seems more organized than the other classes – like, being a warden is actually a JOB – it’s not just a hobby for random Middle Earthians who want to go kill things.

In fact, wardens are present at many Middle Earth Settlements – particularly early on. You’ll see them standing outside the gates of Archet, and Comb – you’ll find them in Esteldin in the North Downs and in Michael Delving in the Shire. I don’t know who exactly is organizing them, but there’s definitely something going on there.

Anyways, about the outfit – I once again paired the Isengard medium jacket with another set. This time, however, it wasn’t from Harndirion, it was actually the medium Survivors of Wildermore crafted armor.

In my mind, the Wildermore armor actually matches the gold of the jacket much closer than the Harndirion armor pieces did – though they certainly come with a more “armor” like appearance (if that makes any sense?). I think it fits the warden though. He looks battle hardened, prepared, and well organized.

Shoulders: Wildermore Shoulderguards of Combat (burgundy/default)
Chest: The Bowmaster's Jacket (burgundy)
Hands: Wildermore Gauntlets of Combat (burgundy/default)
Feet: Wildermore Boots of Combat (burgundy/default)
Shield: Thistlewool's Buckler

2 thoughts on “Spearman of the March

  1. glad you like the warden. my favourite class! and yes, you are Right, the warden is the last class to give the Valar pack. this Outfit Looks really badassand fits his role perfectly.flexible and still tough – just as a warden should be. good Job! ps..did you know the Stealth “creep walk” skill makes the Ambush throw crit? not many do. free tip for the day. have fun with your warden!


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