Land of Lakes

Another post featuring my LM! This particular outfit is, I’ll admit, a little outside of her regular wardrobe, but I had a lot of fun piecing it together and I think the background of Evendim complimented it really well.

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Evendim – lovingly referred to as “ever-swim” by many LOTRO players, has got to be one of my most favorite regions (So long as you’ve got the VIP boat stables that is lol).

I also took this as an opportunity to showcase one of my favorite cosmetic pets – the lasgalen grey owl. As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I’m a big fan of birds, and owls are now exception.

Always ready for fashion, always ready for action.

I guess I don’t really have a lot to say about this outfit…I just really like how everything together and the locations I found. So I guess this post is just gonna be picture heavy and text light 🙂

I even got the warsteed in on the action
Shoulders: Rare Mathom Hunter's Mantle (black)
Chest: Lesser Coat of the Fury Wielder (steel blue)
Hands: Medium Nadhin Gauntlets (steel blue)
Boots: Medium Nadhin Boots (black)
Staff: Lainis (angmar reward)

Head: Head-Piece of the Northern Herald (default)
Body: Harness of the Harbinger (navy)
Saddle: Basic Black Saddle

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