Surveyor of the Battle

So, currently I’ve been working on a bunch of different outfits for my toons, including LM-inspired looks, the Isengard T1 medium jacket, and dare I say it – even colorful ones.

HOWEVER, my wireless is deciding to be an ass right now so Lotro won’t load. Alas, I have resorted to searching the hundreds of saved screenshots on my computer. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE these outfits as well, but I was looking forward to diversifying my content. For now, I guess, I’ll have to stick with the more somber looks 🙂

So full disclosure, I’m bad at PvP (or PvMP as LOTRO likes to call it). And I mean really bad. But I also really like the armor that was released with the Sundering of Osgiliath Moors expansion – which can only be bartered for with commendations, which in turn can only be acquired in the Moors. Therefore, I persevere.

So much destruction to /look at 🙂

The Moors pieces used here are actually a combination of the medium and heavy armor sets. The Jacket and Gauntlets are from the Causeway set (medium) and the shoulders are from the Armoury set (heavy). I do actually quite love the shoulders that are intended to go with the medium set as an individual wardrobe piece, but I have to admit that they don’t quite seem to match the the rest of the armor. The heavy jacket is also quite nice, albeit a little bulky for my taste. No doubt I will eventually grind enough commendations to purchase that as well though – it’s just too tempting 🙂

In case anyone was wondering, I am in fact in Osgiliath in these screenshots, but I’m in the landscape (not the PvP) version. It’s just easier to take pictures when you don’t have to worry about mobs attacking you…

I also outfitted my warsteed to match the outfit as they both bear the white tree of Gondor.

Yes…use your aggressive feelings, Horsey! Let the hate flow through you!
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Armoury (default)
Chest: Jacket of the Causeway (black - it's basically the default except the
bottom half of the jacket will take on the color of your equipped leggings
unless you dye the jacket)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Causeway (default)
Feet: Strong Leather Boots of the Silent Watcher (black)

Head: Halter of the Citadel Guard (default)
Body: Caparison of the Citadel Guard (default)
Saddle: Saddle of the Citadel Guard
Gear: Accessory of the Citadel Guard
Legs: Dagorlad Leggings (white and default are both used - both colors
pair well with the rest of the ensemble).

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