Blade of Renown

So, for some reason, the medium T1 Isengard instance jacket is kind of hard to style. I’m not really sure why – I suspect it has something to do with the cut, or maybe the way it always dyes slightly bluer than you intended it to be…or maybe it’s because it definitely looks like armor, but it’s not bulky enough to look battle ready or worn and leathery enough to fit the ranger category…It’s like, fancy armor, but also still sort of functional? Like the armor of someone who’s prepared to draw their sword but would rather show everyone that’s the case rather than actually prove it. It’s just…weird. That being said, I’ve wanted it ever since I first saw it worn in game.

The jacket shown here is skin available form the hunter trainer at the ox-clan camp in pre-flood Isengard (The general appearance of this jacket is the same for hunters, wardens, burglars, and beornings – the only difference is the emblem on the chest and back). Oddly enough, the default color is actually DARKER than what you get if you dye it black (a fact that I honestly can’t wrap my head around but have decided to live with).

Die bug! DIEEEEEE!

Turns out, however, that this armor pairs pretty well with the lots of pieces from the Harndirion armor barterers due to the subtle gold and white accents they both have. Gold isn’t normally a color I like to work with, but it really became the centerpiece here in my opinion.

Look at all the rocks…
They’re just so…rocky…
Is that a smudge?
But I just polished it…

I’ve actually used this jacket before in a pairing with harndirion armor (check out my post: Executioner of the Wicked), but this outfit definitely draws more attention to the jacket than the previous one…I was very skeptical at first but the more I play with this outfit the more I like it 🙂

Shoulders: Lesser Blade of the West Shoulder Guards (black)
Chest: The Bowmaster's Jacket (default)
Hands: Gauntlets of the White Mountains (black)
Feet: Lesser Cry of the West Boots (black)
Sword: Mercenary's Heavy Blade
Bow: Smooth Lebethron Bow of Precision

Head: Captain's Halter (black)
Body: Heavy Caparison of the Norcrofts (black)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Legs: Dol Baran Leggings (default) 
Dang it, another bug?
Welp, better get back.

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