The Wanderer

So recently I’ve been doing dailies in the Limlight Gorge for rep (I REALLY want that Easterling Tunic!!) and in doing so have discovered that the area really is quite beautiful. I didn’t do the Great River quests my first run through, though I have on several toons since then, and never once have I ventured into this fellowship-oriented area until now.

This also means I finally got to discover The Roots of Fangorn instance – which was a long time coming. The rewards from it aren’t particularly interesting, but at least its another accomplishment under the belt!

I also used this as an opportunity to create another mount/rider matching outfit thingamajig. And I’m ALL about the horses. I know there are a bunch of haters of mounted combat out there – and I’ll admit that it’s not the most elegant system ever invented – but I love being able to customize my mount and feel like I have an actual companion in game as opposed to the regular horses.

A match made in heaven!
Shoulders: Lesser Secret of the West Shoulder Guards (default)
Chest: Jacket of the Osgiliath Huntsman (grey)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag (grey)
Feet: Reworked Boots (default)

Head: Guardian's Halter (white)
Body: Burglar's Caparison (white)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Legs: Dol Baran Leggings (default)
Gear: Hunter's Gear

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