Watcher of Roads

EDIT! I have now updated this with new and higher res pictures!!!! Also I added a cloak. But yeah, when I initially posted this my computer could only really run the game on very low graphics. Now I have an actual gaming PC, which can run it at max graphics. I’m still having some issues where word press won’t let me upload the full resolution though – I’ve noticed it limits the quality and I’m not sure why.

This is one of the earliest titles that can be achieved in game, requiring you to kill a mere 30 brigands in Bree (That’s right – ONLY 30!! Remember those days?).

When I first started playing LOTRO, I remember being blown away by how huge – and detailed – the landscape was. 4 years later, after exploring every map Turbine and Standing Stones has to offer, Bree still holds a special place in my heart.

So I’m not TECHNICALLY inside the city of Bree here, but I am perched atop the bridge directly to its west “watching the roads” – see what I did there? huh? huh? 🙂

Shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders (steel blue)
Chest/legs: Dunlending's Hunter Jacket (steel blue)
Hands: Medium Hadhin Gauntlets (steel blue)
Feet: Strong Leather Boots of the Silent Watcher (black)
Back: Veteran Guardsman's Cape (steel blue)
Head: Head-piece of the Northern Herald (default)
Body: Burglar's caparison (navy)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle
Legs: Dol Baran leggings (navy)
Gear: Victory Accessory

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